January 18, 2021

Not Getting Enough Sleep? Insomnia and other Sleeping Disorders

Instead of sacrificing a good book, a favorite television show, or a few extra minutes of social networking, people have found a way to stretch their days by stealing from their nights.

sleeping problems

Most people need between seven and eight hours of sleep a day. The fact is that if our bodies don’t get a proper rest we’ll start to see impairment in our cognition and mood.

Here we list 7 serious health risks related to a sleep shortfall or insomnia:

1. Obesity

2. Heart disease

3. Diabetes

4. Headaches

5. Depression

6. Lapses of attention/delayed reaction times

7. Death

All these conditions can be related to sleep in one way or another. In many cases, the effects are only seen after years of sleep loss. But in others, like delayed reaction times, glucose load, depression, headaches, and hormone balances, can be affected after one night of sleeping six hours or less.

Effects of sleep on weight

Did you know that sleeping at least 8 hours at night is very good for you and actually helps with weight loss? On the other hand not enough sleep can lead to weight gain.

Look at it this way. If you have a lack of sleep, you may be at work and want a caffeine rush. So you grab that cup of coffee, add sugar to it and maybe have a sweet snack like a doughnut with it. You have just taken in calories you don’t need. If you are tired, after work you may decide just to go home rather than go over to the gym. All this will lead to weight gain.

Sleeping properly helps the mind stay sharp and relaxed. Studies show people who sleep properly are more likely to go to the gym and not reach for those sweets.

There are also some hormones released when you sleep properly that actually help fight fat. So make sure to get to bed early and make sure your body is well rested up.

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