January 16, 2021

Premature Aging!! Causes, Cures and more!!

I think this is problem that all women need to take very seriously. I know it’s the natural law of life; everything comes to an end. But! Premature aging? It’s too cruel! And even though I’m a firm believer beauty comes from within and it’s all about attitude it doesn’t mean you’ll stop washing your face right




Finding a woman in this world who does not want to look beautiful is not possible. Every woman desires to be beautiful, to stay young as long as possible, to keep their skin radiant and wrinkle-free and to get a flawless radiance. Despite the fact that they have this desire to get a perpetual beauty, many women fail to maintain their skin and end up with premature aging.

So, now that we are clear on that, here are some common mistakes made by Women:


No sweetheart, that’s not true. Your skin is different from every other woman you know. The ability of your body to produce collagen a substance needed for maintaining healthy and youthful skin differs significantly from other women. Hence, you will have to find a cream that can actually help to increase collagen production. For this, you may need to talk to some skin expert to find out what is best for you. Alternately, you can go for internal help. There are certain foods which help to boost up collagen production naturally when consumed on regular basis. This alternative method is more effective than external creams and body lotions.


As life becomes more challenging every day, people fail to get proper nutrition because they do not get time to eat properly. This is a big mistake but that is how it works today. Given this condition, it is natural that you may look at creams as fast and effective way to keep your skin healthy and young. If so, choosing the right cream will be required. You need to look for creams that have ingredients which are tested clinically.


Skin requires regular care. It is true that in 20’s skin is supple, soft and radiant. This is where most women make a mistake. They fail to take regular care thinking that their skin is beautiful and does not require much attention. What they fail to realize is that skin changes with increase in age and proper care is needed right from the beginning so that premature aging can be prevented before it is too late.



* Pulling, tugging and rubbing on delicate skin around the eyes can cause darkness.


    * Lack of sleep- You skin renews itself while you rest.

Sleep on your sidesleeping-woman-dreamstime-with-citation-300x199

    * Sleep on your side, think what can happened if you keep pressing your skin 8 hours a day for years.


    * The wrinkles around the mouth can be cause for over the long-term, pursing your lips to sip out of a straw or suck on a cigarette.


    * Relax! avoid stressing too much- Cortisol, the major stress hormone, breaks down collagen, which leads to sagging skin and wrinkles and causes inflammation.


    * Makeup is not sunscreen- Most makeup protects against UVB rays, but don’t block UVA rays, which cause fine lines, brown spots, enlarged pores and crepey-ness.


* Loss of facial fat causes sagging and a gaunt, aged appearance.

I hope this was helpful to you! Avoid these mistakes and start looking the age you are!