January 28, 2021

Renee Talley Butt Implants Victim Named

Renee Talley butt implants victim pic

We all know who Renee Talley, well at least we  knew that she is the woman who flipped her butt implants on video, at first she didn’t revealed her last name at first but now we know the victim of that plastic surgery gone bad is Renee Talley.

44-year-old Renee Talley from Fullerton, California is the owner if the women’s clothing store Gods gifts creations, she also is a mother of four and is Mrs. Talley who explained the horrific pain she went through after she underwent  thru what an only be describe as plastic surgery from hell.

“I wanted more oomph at the top of my butt. I knew the dangers. I know two girls who have cancer and lupus after having the injections and I know of girls who have died. But I didn’t fancy implants and I knew girls who’d had a fat transfer procedure that didn’t really work.”

Renee Talley butt implants-victim photo

It all started three and a half years ago when she had two 3.5 silicone implants implanted in her butt, a dangerous procedure but not her first she already had her breast and lips done, so what can possible go wrong?

“I didn’t want to look like Kim Kardashian, I wanted to look like a more perfect version of me. I admit, I’m superficial and vain.

“But I hope other women will learn from my mistakes.”

Everything went wrong from day one after her surgery..

“At first the doctor said he wouldn’t do the implants straight after surgery to remove the silicone, then he agreed. A few days after my surgery last July I got so sick I couldn’t breathe. I’d take two steps and have to lie down. My incisions started opening.

My daughter said, ‘I can see in there’. After four months I was admitted to hospital. I had cellulite, which is an inflammation of the soft tissue, and C.Diff, a life-threatening intestinal infection.”

Renee Talley butt implants-victim-photosRenee Talley butt implants-victim-photo

The icing of the cake was when Renee flipped one of her implant under her skin with her fingers.

“I was showing my friend how I could get my fingers under the implant when it flipped around. That was it. I knew they had to come out.”

Did Renee Talley learn her lesson? I think she did..

“I keep them by my bed as a reminder that I’m beautiful how I am — and as a warning to women to love the skin they are in.”

You go Girl! yes you are pretty!

Have you or anyone you know gone thru a similar procedure? care to share your story?

Renee Talley is a former stripper and besides her clothing store she is also a hostess at a Las Vegas Nigh Club

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