August 5, 2020

Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Rhinoplasty, Botox, Facial Fillers and More!


Check about Adrienne Maloof plastic surgery before and after photos. Adrienne Maloof has done a number of plastic surgery procedures including rhinoplasty, botox and facial fillers. Adrienne Maloof plastic surgery has been proved not only Adrienne Maloof’s plastic surgeon ex-husband.  In fact according to Radaronline, Brandi Glanville once poked fun at the fact that Adrienne has had more nip/tucks than Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump with discounted plastic surgery.

Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery – botox and facial fillers

Like the other Real Housewives. Adrienne Maloof, this 51 year old actress, also went for botox and injectible fillers to reduce her wrinkles. It’s very clear to see from her photos she Adrienne has nearly no wrinkles and her smile so fake! Her cheeks look much fuller than her normal look.

Now her botox and facial fillers are no secrets and she certainly took advantage of her relationship to minimize the costs! Adrienne’s ex-husband Dr. Paul Nassif is in fact the well-known plastic surgeon. He revealed that,

“My wife, Adrienne Maloof-Nassif, had Botox and facial fillers.”

Adrienne Maloof botox and fillers before and after photos

(left: when she was young and able to smile naturally; left: with frozen face and no wrinkles!)

But it seems her ex-husband Dr. Paul Nassif didn’t reveal all of the procedures Adrienne Maloof has taken.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, the Miami plastic surgeon summerized what plastic surgery procedures Adrienne Maloof has taken:

  • Botox to her forehead
  • Cheek enhancement with a filler such as Sculptra

 Her cheeks appear a bit over-done but the rest looks pretty natural. – Dr. Michael Salzhauer

  • Browlift gives her that high brow
  • Nose job

Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery – Rhinoplasty (nose job)

Adrienne Maloof seems to have nose job at the very early of her career. So we can just find some clues from her pictures in teens (15 years old, below photo, the left one). Although the photo not so clear, you can see her face looks so different between these 2 photos. Especially her nose shape changes too much! Her nose was really big with a round tip and now her nose much slimmer!

Dr. Michael Salzhauer also convinced that Adrienne had done Rhinoplasty that gave her that subtle scoop to her nose.

Adrienne Maloof’s baby photo


Whose plastic surgery the best? 🙂