February 25, 2021

Anne Hathaway Beauty Secret: Lancome Products!

The key of Anne Hathaway’s beauty secrets is the cosmetic products she has been using everyday. Lancome products are her favorites! Not only because she was the spokewomen, she has fond of using Lancome products before that!


Anne Hathaway’s favorite skin care and makeup products

Anne Hathaway talks about her favorite cosmetics and said,

I like Lancome products. I daily use mask, bar pink lips, moisturizing with color Summer sensuelie, with SPF.

Anne Hathaway’s favorite body care

For the body, without doubt Nutrix Royal with a delightful texture

Anne Hathaway’s favorite perfume

Lancome Magnifique (is my favorite perfume).

Another tip for Anne Hathaway’s beauty secrets is to drink a lot of water each day!

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