January 23, 2021

Iggy Azalea Latest Plastic Surgery On Display At The BMA!

Pop star Iggy Azalea, 24 has been showing off her recent plastic surgery! Although the singer has admitted to having plastic surgery in the past. New rumors were all around the globe about Azalea’s “plastic surgery face” at the recent Billboards Music Awards show this past week. There is no denying Iggy Azalea has talent, she was a major contender during the awards show. She took home an impressive three trophies. She won ‘Top Streaming Artist’, ‘Top Rap Song’ for Fancy and ‘Top Rap Artist. However it was her last win that caused the tongues to start wagging.

Going up against some stiff competition Azalea beat out Nicki Minaj, Drake and J. Cool among others.  Some people were left wondering how it all happened. Rapper and actor Ice T decided to take to his Twitter account and voice the following, “Iggy Azalea won Top Wrap Artist… I’m done.” His tweet was not left unnoticed by his legion of fans. His tweet was favored 100,00o times. Many rappers voiced their disapproving stance against Azale winning the award. Many questioning her right to win an award in any type of rap category.

Fans have been debating for quite a while Iggy’s right to perform or win awards as a rapper is fair. Azalea started to look noticeably different by her fans and others, many started the plastic surgery speculation talk. Even talk show host Wendy Williams got in the act. She talked about Azalea’s breast implants. She said she doesn’t know many who admit to it. She talked about Azalea’s admission to Vogue Magazine that she actually got breast implants. Azalea said her waist is like a size nothing, and her behind is rather large, and proportions were just really weird. She got tired of wearing under-wire, she wanted to wear other types of clothing without under-wire in it. Her plastic surgery is understandable said Williams.

Williams who also speaks very openly about her breast implants defended the pop star. Williams said she sympathizes  with Azalea, she said it’s sometimes nice to be able to go bra-less. Williams wasn’t finished commenting on Azalea’s implants. She said “My problem with Iggy talking about the breast implants, is so when are you going to start admitting to your butt implants.” That comment received a roaring round of applause from her mostly female audience. Oh but Williams wasn’t through with her tirade against Azalea yet. She showed some pictures of Azalea from different periods of time. She went on ” Honey Ray Charles can see that your cakes are fakes. Are you serious? I wonder why she would admit to one and not the other. Here is my theory, I was thinking about this while I was getting dressed. I said well you know, she’s a rapper and rap is more of a black people’s sport than a white people’s sport. I’m thinking in order for her to be ingratiated among the rap community, having a big giant booty is very impressive. So black people can say oh look she’s one of us.” There hasn’t been any official word from Azalea about any more recent plastic surgery.