October 21, 2020

Marc Jacobs and Boyfriend Harry Louis Kissing, Show Off Spongebob Tattoo (Photos)

Marc Jacobs and his boyfriend Harry Louis, the 25 year old ex-porn star were spotted kissing at the beach in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil on sunday. It’s said they were preparing to celebrate Marc Jacob’s 50th birthday.
This 49-year-old famous fashion designer seems having a good time with his boyfriend Harry Louis. Harry Louis showed off his perfect body while sunbathing and Marc Jacobs showed off his cute spongebob tattoo.
It’s questionable of Marc Jacobs’s spongebob tattoo, as so cute tattoo on a 50-year-old seems not that match?

Marc Jacobs has changed a lot, if you still remember his early look in 90th? Take notice of his Spongebob Tattoo, is it cute?

Marc Jacobs before after

Marc Jacobs and Boyfriend Harry Louis kissing on the beach. Harry Louis’s perfect body and … Marc Jacob’s cute tattoos. Wait, there’s not only sponebob, there’re more…looks family? Maybe Marc Jacob’s favorites, beside muscle man, are spongebob and chocolates!

markc jacobs kissing boyfriend

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