January 28, 2021

Rihanna Worst Outfit 2013: Looks Like a Bird (Pictures)

Rihanna’s worst outfit in 2013. She looks just like a bird with this outfit, someone said, she is like a homeless person. If you meet Rihanna in this outfit, will you throw the penny to her?

The large size trousers and the top seems not go with the write high heels. Maybe the hat goes with the heavy metal necklace? What a mess. Also check the logos printed on her outfit, if any NASCAR driver sponsored it?

rihanna worst outfit

(Rihanna Worst Outfit 2013 photo: splash news)

I have to admit that Rihanna seems have no talent or fashion sense in her looks. As a super star, if there’s no one help her? It will ruin her career and brought a bad name. Just think about wearing this outfit with her pre-launched perfume would totally be a disaster. But Rihanna is really creative that wearing a high heel shoes, maybe she loves high heels, but why she chose a white one? Finally,watch her smile on her face….she didn’t notice at all.

rihanna worst outfit 2