February 26, 2021

Robin Quivers 80 Pounds Weight Loss and Diet Secrets: How to Cure Cancer with Diet? (before and after photos)

Robin Quivers’s 80 pounds weight loss and diet Secrets revealed! Recently, Robin Quivers shared her secret on her dramatic weight loss and how to cure cancer with plant-based diet. Just check the following “Robin Quivers weight loss before and after photos”!

Robin Quivers weight loss before and after photos

Robin Quivers 80 Pounds Weight Loss and Diet Secrets How to Cure Cancer with Diet before and after photos

Plant-based diet

Robin Quivers tried every diet from  to make her healthy after diagnosed with cancer. She has tried a  Master Cleanse detox to a 21-day diet, but seem they are not working so well on her. Finally she found plant-based diet which truly helped her recovery from disease and helped her lost 80 pounds.

“My plant-based diet was helping my body heal. I couldn’t believe the difference I saw. I’d never had such a dramatic shift in my health – not when I was taking medication, not when I was wearing a neck brace, and certainly not when I was eating whatever I wanted. I no longer had to rearrange my entire life around being sick,” Robin

How to Cure Cancer with Diet?

Robin Quivers said on Dr. Oz that diet is important for cancer prevention and treatment.  She also wrote a new book titled: “The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life”. According to Robin, you need to give your body every nutrition it needed if you want to let your body healthy. What you are eating truly matters, not the pills.

Dr. Oz. also proved changing your eating regime can effectively fight cancer and he said colors are the indication of functions of foods. Foods with certain colors are proved to target specific cancers. That’s why for healthy people, it’s recommended to eat foods with all colors because they bring much more kinds of nutritions to help fight all kinds of diseases.

Dr. Oz. also recommended the following foods to fight cancer:

  • Yellow foods like lemons
  • Orange foods like organges and carrots
  • Green foods like kale
  • Red foods like tomatoes
  • White foods like mushrooms

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